Geelong commercial coolroom suppliers

Design and Construction

Bellarine and Westcoast Refrigeration Services is your most trusted and experienced supplier for the design and construction of cool rooms, freezer rooms and cold storage facilities. With over 30 years experience, we can assure you that not only that your cool room project will exceed your expectations but will also excel in energy efficiency and long life durability. No one else has the same extensive experience in cool room design construction as we do here at Bellarine and Westcoast.

By choosing Bellarine and Westcoast Refrigeration Services, a fully licensed and registered refrigeration business, you can be confident that your project will be completed by a company with the necessary expertise and skill to enable construction of your new coolroom.

Bellarine and Westcoast has been around for nearly 60 years and in that time we have designed and constructed well over 200 coolrooms. As qualified refrigeration mechanics we ensure your coolroom is designed and built to your requirements and to Australian Standards.We also provide comprehensive coolroom installations in Geelong to help get your coolroom up and running as soon as its finished.

We only use quality Australian made coolroom panels which ensures quality and timeliness of supply. The refrigeration components we use are all quality tested to Australian Standards.
Bellarine and Westcoast Refrigeration Services ensure that all clients are provided with exceptional service and that their expectations are at the forefront of all our projects, both in design, delivery and ongoing maintenance.

Whether you require a new cool room for your business, an upgrade, repair or routine maintenance to your existing coolroom, Bellarine and Westcoast Refrigeration Services will supply you with the correct products, service and technical support.

With our staff of 10 full time employees, and 6 service vehicles on the road, we can also ensure that all your ongoing coolroom servicing and maintenance needs will be met without delay.