Commercial Refrigeration Repairs Geelong

Bellarine and Westcoast Refrigeration Services are the Geelong experts in commercial refrigeration repairs and commercial refrigeration installation (stand-alone refrigerators, ice machines and commercial freezers), large commercial refrigeration systems and PLC control systems.

  • Commercial refrigeration repairs Geelong
  • Freezer room repairs
  • Food display repairs
  • Drink display repairs, drinks refrigeration repairs
  • Humidity control room repairs
  • Stainless steel refrigeration repairs

We have built a reputation for delivering fast and effective service and repairs on all types of commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment for the hospitality and food and beverage industry including hotels, cafes, supermarkets, butchers, major retailers, poultry outlets, take away shops, schools, colleges, seafood wholesalers, fast food outlets, restaurants, bars, florists, pubs, fruit shops, wine storage rooms and more.