Air conditioning servicing in Geelong

Air conditioner maintenance

Air conditioners are a bit like cars – they need to be looked after and to get the best out of your air conditioner you need to have the unit serviced on a regular basis.

We recommend all air conditioners are serviced at least every 12 months. You don’t need to be an accredited professional to service an air conditioning unit, but it certainly helps.

As part of every air conditioning service, we conduct a thorough check of your unit, including:

  • check tightness of electrical connections to the compressor, contactors and fans
  • check correct operation of all electrical equipment i.e. H/P and L/P controls, thermostats and contactors
  • check refrigerant piping for chafing and vibration.
  • check and clean filters
  • check for undue noise or vibrations of equipment
  • clear condenser coil of dust build up.
  • check reversing valve operation i.e. change over from heat to cool and back.

Please contact us to book your air conditioner in for a maintenance check. If the worst happens and your unit breaks down, we also offer air conditioning repairs in Geelong.