Geelong air conditioning repairs

For top-quality professional air conditioning repairs and servicing, Geelong turns to the experts at Bellarine and West Coast Refrigeration.

Air conditioning repairs

If your air conditioner is not working, contact our Geelong air conditioning repairs team. Our fully qualified technicians can provide a professional diagnosis of the fault of your unit and let you know what is needed to fix it.

We will let you know if your unit is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and if the fault has been caused by a manufacturing fault, an installer fault or its just wear and tear.

Before we proceed with any repairs, we will go through all the options with you, including a fixed price quote to repair your unit. In some cases, it might be better to contact our air conditioning sales team to update your air conditioning unit with a newer model.

As part of your air conditioning repairs, we can also service your unit. Please contact us for more information.