Geelong’s big freeze

October 3, 2013

With the big chill on in old Geelong town and the home fires burning hot, now is the time to be preparing your refrigeration equipment for the warmer days ahead. Most peoples mind also go into hybernation when it comes to refrigeration in winter. Why not take this opportunity to get your fridges, freezers & air conditioners serviced and avoid the rush when the first hot day of the season hits.

Off season servicing is essential to the longevity of your refrigeration equipment and must be carried out by professional and experienced mechanics such as the staff at Bellarine & Westcoast Refrigeration. Not only will you save on expensive energy bills but your equipment will be in top condition to cruise through those hot summer days. There’s nothing worse than having your produce spoiling due to a faulty refrigerator¬†or freezer.

Maintenance is one of those “to do” things that always gets placed on the back burner until it’s too late, usually leading to not only expensive repair bills, but also a loss of stock and the added cost of replacing those items that have perished. Whether your business is in Geelong, on the Bellarine Penisula or the Surfcoast, dont hesitate, do it now!!! You’ll be saving yourself a fortune.